Extra 411

Brent began his music career over twenty years ago when he felt a need to provide his kids music that would be exciting, energetic and safe to listen to. With a tiny background in piano (more fights with his parents than actually learning) but a drive for guitar in his college years to worship in his college dorm room, Brent combined this limited knowledge to write music that he felt was rockin’, lyrically out of the ordinary, but yet had a purpose to give kids an opportunity to glorify God with excitement!

Through this career, Brent’s released seven CD’s, two DVD’s, and his biggest encouragement was hitting the #2 most requested song of the year on national kids radio with his re-written version of ‘Amazing Grace’. He took his musical craziness and hit the national stage finding a unique gift to connect with kids and adults through music that became labeled as a ‘workout’. This experience allowed Brent the opportunities to work with churches through out the country providing opportunities to speak at national conferences, writing articles for leaders magazines, and to work with churches directly in helping them develop their children’s ministry to new levels.

Another passion driving Brent is being the founder of Impact Art’s Academy for kids, youth and teens in the Atlanta area. His excitement allows hundreds of students find significance in themselves through their gifts, talents and interests and use them for a positive purpose. The academy develops kids/teens in acting, vocals, worship, video production, guitar, piano, and bands, and places them on stage leading others in worship. Watching kids/teens find their niche’ has been one of the most rewarding experiences of his life.

Brent resides in north Atlanta with his wife and three kids. He enjoys being active through marathons, martial arts, hiking, mountain biking, and staying fit through extreme workouts he deems necessary in order to get the most out of his God given ‘earth suit’. When not be overly hyper active, he enjoys his main hobby of photography.

BRENTWEBER musician and entertainer